IMS Online Training

Sodexo now provides you with an opportunity to complete your trainings online, directly through IMS. It is mandatory that you obtain your manager's written approval, before you complete any online training. Your manager will have you sign a training agreement form. Once this form is signed, you will be allowed to go online to complete your training. Read below to learn how to access and complete your online courses. 


  1. Login to IMS through any device by using this LINK
  2. Click onto "My Online Training"
  3. Launch/complete the training(s) listed into your individual learning catalogue 

You will find below a list of trainings, video tutorials and other documents to help you get started with iMS online training: 

Many courses from the ones you may have to complete will be made available in a digital format, from Employee Safety Orientation to Personal Protective Equipment, to Emergency Preparedness, IMS will provide most of the mandatory courses in a digital format over the next 12 months.

All you need to do is complete the courses that are listed under your “Training Matrix” and locate the ones available online, listed into your “Online Training Course” page.

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